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Welcome To SLBC Uttarakhand Dehradun.
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State Level Bankers' Committee, set-up as per the Lead Bank Scheme of the Reserve Bank of India, is the highest body of bankers in the state. The committee meets once a quarter.

In addition to reviewing the activities of the institutional lending, the quarterly meetings discuss various issues concerning the economic development of the state, where banks play a pivotal role. The meetings aim at finding solution to the various problems confronting the state.

Vijay BahuguanHon'ble Shri Harish Rawat
Chief Minister,

Shri Pallav Mohapatra
Chief General Manager, SBI
(Local Head Office, New Delhi)

Sh. B. K. Das
General Manager, SBI
( Convener, SLBC, Uttarakhand)
Sh. Sridhar Babu Aadanki
Additional Secy. Finance
(Government representative for banks)
Sh. S. C. Chamoli
AGM, SLBC,Uttarakhand
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State level inter-institutional forum for co-ordination and joint implementation of development programmes.
To do the necessary spade work for formulation of Annual Credit Plan.
To undertake critical analysis of ACP.
To review the assistance required and provided by government agencies.
To review the recovery performance.

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